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This is to announce that FORM & FUNCTION [ web production] is temporarily boarding up. My energy has been increasingly siphoned into an entrepreneurial side venture for some time, and the scales have finally tipped, meaning I can no longer serve as a freelancer in the same capacity I once did.

FORM & FUNCTION will be relaunched as a boutique design firm in early 2015, and in the interim won’t be accepting any new clients or projects. To be updated when production comes back online, please subscribe to the mailing list at the bottom of the page

I am looking for people with a background in WordPress, a talent for clean design, a good eye for proportion, and excellent communication skills to bring on-board. If you recognize yourself (or someone else) in that description, please email kaitlin[at] or use the form below.


I want to thank all of my clients for supporting me and bringing FORM & FUNCTION [ web production ] to life over the years.

I began doing web design as a hobby, mostly playing around with Austin Coppock’s astrology blog to make it look good and add cool features. One fateful day in January of 2011, William Kiesel asked Austin how something on had been achieved, and the phone was handed to me.

As a result, Ouroboros Press was the first website I ever professionally created, and I owe Mr. Kiesel a great deal. His Midas touch tipped a domino that enabled me to work with phenomenal people and imprints, absolute titans within the realm of esoteric publishing, art, and beyond. It was a pleasure to serve each and every one, and it was an honor to be chosen to take some small part in bringing their works and vision to the world.

In chronological order…

It has given me great pride to work with such talented and amazing people.
You have made everything possible.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank the following clients…

…and everyone else that has granted me the honor of their patronage.

Within the cocoon,

Kaitlin Reeves


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